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Teaching Musical Instruments - Teaching Advanced Theory and Composition - Teaching Monodrama - Teaching Byzantine and Contemporary Music Kallithea Athens

The Eugenideo Conservatory, with its many years of presence in the field of music and with important distinctions, offers you comprehensive music courses with an emphasis on high-level education, teamwork and music as a life experience. The Conservatory is based in Kallithea, Athens and has its doors open for young and old who want to learn or deepen even more in the art of music.

Our Conservatory has a calm and modern environment with excellent organization, high-level teachers and fairly low tuition fees that keep up with the times. By keeping our values ​​constant all these years, the Eugenidei Conservatory has managed to win your trust and be one of the top choices for musical education of people of all ages throughout time.








The Eugenideo Conservatory offers an ideal environment, equipped with all the necessary instruments and machines that a student needs in order to receive a thorough musical education.

In addition to the necessary equipment, the Eugenideo Conservatory also has an excellent group of teachers, who are experienced and able to pass on the dedication, knowledge and passion for music to the students.
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